5.3 miles, 55 minutes

I planned on running yesterday at 6pm but when my alarm went off at 5:55pm, I couldn’t get up. I think it took me another hour or so to get fully awake. I really need to take my vitamin Ds amongst other supplements.

While I was driving to work, I checked on my IT band and it’s quite stiff and sore. When was the last time I worked on the foam roller? I don’t even remember. I did log down my food intake but just on my agenda. I need to do a detailed one along with the moods and energy levels from the foods.

Tonight, after barely finishing “Murder, She Wrote”, I took a nap, willing myself to wake up when the alarm goes off. My legs were stiff and I quickly thought about my current knitting project which is a shawl called Colour Affection. I’m having some problems with the colour scheme but it’s the details and challenges like these that keep me going. It’s like a painting where I have a general idea but the details have to be worked out and worked on.

Back to the run…after my 30-minute loop, I decided to go a bit further. In the end, my slow and easy run became a 55-minute run. Initially, I was going to see how far I could go before fatiguing but that seemed like an knee injury waiting to happen. (I made sure to do my complete series of stretches including the foam roller ones.)

When I got home, I found my cat straining. Upon checking the litter box, I found that she had gone already (healthy stool) and after awhile, she managed to coax out a droplet of poop, luckily, on a slipper that I don’t use anymore. While eating my avocado and some pastries, I boiled some slippery elm bark.

1/4 teapsoon Slippery Elm Bark powder

1 cup water

Bring to a slow boil, simmer and let cool. As it cools, it will thicken a bi and the batch can last a week in the fridge.

I use a syringe and squirt a bit into my cat’s mouth 20 minutes before she eats. It coats and soothes the intestines. It’s supposed to be “slippery” allowing easy passage for her dilemma. Hopefully, this will help her out until I can book the homeopath/vet.


One thought on “5.3 miles, 55 minutes

  1. You are totally ready for the half marathon! 55 minutes! Wow. I get too impatient while running. The thing is, I’m doing all treadmill stuff since it is still not nice outside to run outside. Anyway, I hope I’ll be able to keep up with you!!!

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